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Product Details (Shelf Life, Storage, Etc)

1. How long are the product shelf life?

Freshly baked and no preservative added, the shelf life ofnut will be maximum 6 months.

Dried fruits will have shelf life of 6-12 months, theproduct details can be checked from the website.

Not to worry, you will find each of our snacks is clearlylabelled with the “Expiry Date” on the back of the snack pouches.


2. How should I store my snacks

- Baked goods such as nuts and trail mixes should be storedin an airtight container at chiller or room temperature to maintain the textureand quality of the products.

- Freeze dried strawberry should be stored at chiller, whileother dried fruits can be stored at chiller or room temperature.

- Bulk purchase products are highly recommended to store atchiller.


3. Can I consume Raw Nuts?

We advise is best to bake or roast them over the pan or ovenbefore consuming as it brings out the nutty and crunchiness texture of the nuts.


4. Why my freeze strawberry is not crunchy?

Due to freeze dried technique, the strawberries are totallydried and tend to absorb moisture easily. So, just place your freeze-driedstrawberry back to chiller, then the texture will become crunchy again.